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Team Chaos wins final Splatfest

The final Splatfest has ended and it wasn’t even close as Team Chaos delivered a reign of terror and put an end to Team Order. The winning team won 3-0. Well done to everyone who participated in the final Splatfest regardless of which team you chose!

8 thoughts on “Team Chaos wins final Splatfest”

      1. I don’t know tho dialogue in splatoon 2 final fest doesn’t seem like pearl will carry out the chaos plan, seems like someone else will do it so one who wanted chaos so bad

    1. I ALMOST picked Chaos but her team rarely wins, so I decided to go with Order. Should’ve gone with my first choice! Ah well, hopefully we’ll have a new Splatoon in a few years for more Splatfests! It was my favorite part of Splatoon!

    2. Well, now we know what a major plot point of Splatoon 3 will be. Marina might have the better… well, everything, but at least the story for 3 will be more interesting when we inherit a world of chaos.

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