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Mother (a.k.a. EarthBound) series Spirit Board event happening for Smash Bros Ultimate

Nintendo has announced this afternoon that there will be a three-day Mother 3 Spirit Board event in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The special event is to celebrate the fact that it is the Mother series 30th anniversary. You will be able to participate in the event from Friday 26th July. Simply defeat the Mother series in battle and you will claim more gold than you normally would.

6 thoughts on “Mother (a.k.a. EarthBound) series Spirit Board event happening for Smash Bros Ultimate”

  1. Couldn’t they have at least added a few new spirits like when they added ones from Super Mario Party? I know I’d love to see spirits of Porky Minch, Master Porky (yes, I want two different spirits of him), Fassad, Phase Distorter, the Evil Mani Mani Statue, DCMC, Geigue (Giygas would just be impossible, let’s face it)…

      1. “Pokey” was a mistranslation- his Japanese name “Poki” is pronounced “poh-kee” and I guess the English translators just thought “oh, that must be his name, let’s just make it look Westernized and spell it “Pokey”.

        If you think about it, Porky *should* be his canon name considering how much emphasis pigs have in MOTHER 3 where he is the villain, as the use of “Porky” is commonly applied to things involving pigs/pork (another example is Porky Pig of Looney Toons).

  2. We get information on a run-of-the-mill event like this (since none of those spirits are exclusive), but zero-mention of the Peachette spirit that many of us missed.

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