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Nintendo has raised Super Mario Maker 2’s course upload limit to 64

Players that upload a lot of Super Mario Maker 2 courses got some good news from Nintendo today. An in-game notice has announced that “the maximum number of courses that you can upload has been increased from 32 to 64 courses”. Nintendo also confirmed that they plan to increase the limit one more time, but it was not stated when this would happen.

Source: Super Mario Maker 2


    1. As much as I would enjoy that too, unfortunately I believe it won’t happen because of multiplayer. Right now all players are equal because each character functions the exact same- Mario Bros. 2 had different stats per character (Mario was balanced, Luigi could jump the highest but was slippery on the ground, Peach could float, and Toad was fastest and could pull up items the quickest), meaning that, depending on how a level is built, some characters would have inherent advantages over others, many of which would be unfair from a competitive standpoint. They could just make SMB2 levels unavailable for multiplayer, but given how much they pushed it in the base game, I doubt they would make that limitation…

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      1. They could still make SMB2 as an “extra theme” and just make each character play like Mario. The original game may have given specific perks to each individual character, but that doesn’t mean SMM2 would have to. I feel it would be akin to how the Super Mario Bros. theme doesn’t play exactly like the original NES game; it’s not about making the themes 1:1 with the originals, it’s about making the themes usable for this new mashup game that is Super Mario Maker 2


      2. That doesn’t really make sense. They added 3D World without any issue by just replacing Peach and making every character play the same. If anything this would be easier.

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  1. In some ways, that’s great- we can see more levels from truly talented designers.

    On the flip side though (and what’s more likely to be seen occurring), we’ll probably also see many more shoddy levels by drunken 7-year-olds who have no restraint.


  2. That’s pretty cool. Except the other day when I clicked on my profile, some Japanese player I don’t know popped up for 3 seconds who had evidently uploaded “5 million” courses before it popped back. That was kinda weird.

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