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VICE: Nintendo will now fix Switch Joy-Con drifting issues for free, regardless of the warranty status

Nintendo‘s official statement about the Switch Joy-Con controller drifting issues wasn’t of much help to players that have been dealing with these problems. However, it turns out that Nintendo is actually going to be responding in a big way. According to an internal Nintendo memo sent to customer service that VICE received, Nintendo will now be fixing Joy-Cons for free, regardless of the status of your warranty.  The memo also states that customers do not need to “provide proof of purchase for Joy-Con repairs”, and they can receive refunds for a previously paid Joy-Con repair.


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31 thoughts on “VICE: Nintendo will now fix Switch Joy-Con drifting issues for free, regardless of the warranty status”

  1. thats great news. So what about me who lives in jamaica who has 6 controllers that all are drifting. how can i get them to nintendo?

    1. I live in Honduras, and what I did with my drifting joycons was to go to the original store where I bought my Switch in December (yup, they started to drift in only 6 months) because I still had the warranty. They told me to go to a Nintendo-certified workshop where they switched for free the joycons thanks to the warranty. So you can either go to your store and ask if they know of a Nintendo-ceritified workshop in Jamaica

      1. No, you just need to find a Nintendo-approved workshop were you can use your warranty (if you have one). You could start by asking on videogame stores if they know any workshop like that. I’m from Tegucigalpa, and I went to one called Tech Center

      2. There is a Tech Center in SPS. If you still have the warranty and the receipt of the purchase, try and see if they validate it.

        Barrio Guamilito, Calle 7 y 9na ave,Edif Temeca,local 33C
        San Pedro Sula
        Tel. (504) 2552-0225/ 2860
        Lunes a Viernes 8am a 5pm. Sábado 8am a 12pm

    2. am i the only one left unaffected by this? i still have my regular switch i got from release day and it doesnt still has the short distance connectivity issue, but i didnt fix it because i mainly use my pro controller or handheld mode with the joycons attached.

        1. Same here. But I did have a problem with the original switch pro controller where the dpad would act as if it was stuck going left or right. I sent it in to get fixed. I’ve never had a problem with my Splatoon pro controller.

          1. I think I only had a situation where it would get stuck in the right position only once, but resetting the console did the trick. I would actually have that issue maybe once every 3 months with the N64 and gamecube, so I’m surprised that it doesn’t happen more often.

          2. I’ve had little to no issues.

            Literally the only time I’ve had drift issues is with my right Joy-Con when playing The World Ends With You, and even then, it goes away after a minute or so.

          3. I thought I had this issue, but I fixed it just last night by recalibrating the controller. SUPER easy fix and I hope most people who have this issue try doing that first.

            1. I tried this with both of my controllers that had the issue, but they were still registering movement without me touching them. That issue isn’t always fixed by recalibration

            2. @sonicgalaxy27

              As he said in his comment, he used the recalibration option in the Switch’s system settings.

          4. This is really great news I hear. I will always rely on Nintendo to solve any issues with the console and the controllers problems. For those of you who didn’t have any drifting problems with your Joy-Cons for two years now, you guys are very lucky. I mean really.

          5. Honestly, this was the right decision. For how pricey the Joy-Cons are, charging to fix them is honestly mildly bogus. ESPECIALLY if it was an issue with the controller through no fault of the owner.

            In any case, to me, this proves it wasn’t just “some” people having the issue but quite a large number of people. You don’t react this way to an issue people have if it was just a handful of them. Of course, even if it was a handful, I still think this would have been the right call to make.

              1. This shows just that Nintendo knew there were something wrong with the joy-cons, but decided to hope people just would buy new ones. Now that they’ve under pressure they know they can be exposed and tries to sweep it under the rug.

                But I kind of find this a bit hard to believe. I don’t think the case against them are that strong.

            1. Nintendo should just stop with the gimmicks already, most games don’t even utilize gimmicky controls, like rumble, aim, or that pad on the DS4. I’m not saying they aren’t decent, I’m just saying most gamers don’t care about those features at all once they’re playing after an hour or two.
              Btw gimmicky crap like this is why we will most likely never see Skyward Sword or other great classics get re releases on future systems because these companies refuse rework their games to work with traditional controls.

            2. Maybe I should ask them to refund the 5€ I used to fix my controller.
              But I’m guessing this only affects US?

                1. Good to know, if I ever need to in future, all my other 5 are working fine, and I did save the original part, if the spare I bought craps out too soon, I can just swap it back and send it in

              1. Called Nintendo today and they actually refunded me $80 for the two joycons I paid for back in June. Stories and rumors are true. If you’ve had to pay for drift repairs call customer service with order repair number and they’ll refund you!

              2. This is great news. If you dont want to wait for nintendo to fix it though, check out my video (below)—i fixed 2 sets of drifitng joycons this way, and also, some WiiU pro controllers that werent working right anymore either.

                No joke, this works. The spray is under $10. i dont have ads or monetize my youtube channel either, so this is honestly just to help you guys.

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