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Nintendo has released a statement on the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drifting problems

Nintendo has had a rough week. Drifting issues in the company’s Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers have resulted in a class-action lawsuit being filed. Well, Nintendo has now commented about the matter to The Verge. Nintendo says that “we take great pride in creating quality products and we are continuously making improvements to them. We are aware of recent reports that some Joy-Con controllers are not responding correctly. We want our consumers to have fun with Nintendo Switch, and if anything falls short of this goal we always encourage them to visit so we can help”.


23 thoughts on “Nintendo has released a statement on the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drifting problems”

  1. “We are aware of recent reports that some Joy-Con controllers are not responding correctly.”

    SOME Joy-Con controllers, now that’s funny.

    1. My sister and I both got Switches in November of last year. She has two sets of joy-cons while I have one set plus a Pro controller. No drift for either of us yet, and let’s hope it stays that way.

      1. Same– well minus the one my little brother and I accidentally murdered– the same however can not be said for the Joy cons we bought from Gamestop– which I swear were created by Nintendo and not an off brand set– which have done well avoiding the drifting issue thus far but somehow both have broken SL and SR buttons despite us not having any heavy SL and SR button games at the time and using them just as frequently as our starter controller.

      2. Alot of people have this problem he wasnt assuming things but a large group of people are voicing having this issue… And its been loud enough for nintendo to get a lawsuit.

        Its good you dont have issues with your controllers. But many many others have reported having them online. Theres even visual evidence. So please dont try to shut up those who do have them

      3. Not exactly this issue, but issues in general. Use google to learn about an infamous issue the launchbatch of joycons had that affected a high percentage of early adopters (including me).
        To his day the joycons connection is not very good but I understand that in most cases you can just try to not be too far away form your switch and don’t have too many tings standing between you and the console. Still, where a Dual Shock or my Switch Pro Controller aren’t having any connection issues at all, my Joycons (especially the left one) stops reacting or keeps moving into directions whithout me steering there. It’s pretty annoying and affects a lot of people so his sentence is absolutely fine.

    2. I havent had the drift like people keep bringing up. I had something once or twice but I just re synced it and nothing happend. But then again I played with my pro Controller way more.

    3. My launch joycons worked fine for a little over two years. Then my right joycon started having the stick drift problem recently. It’s annoying, but eh.. I’ve had way more problems with Xbox controllers. It is strange though, usually Nintendo products don’t have this sort of problem. Especially with how widespread it is. Meanwhile, my pro controllers haven’t had any issues at all.

      Nintendo support was able to greatly reduce the price of repair though, so that’s good. Much cheaper than having to buy a new one.

    4. Seeing as some people have this issue and others haven’t at all, I wonder if it all depends on which facility they were manufactured in. I know that there are multiple different companies who are producing Switch’s so maybe one does it better than the other. I personally have had two sets of joy con since launch and then another couple of sets a few months after and not encountered it at all, or if I did I didn’t notice.

    5. I love Nintendo and everything, but it’s a shocking mistake to make after so many years experience of releasing hardware, and some of the best controllers in history.

    6. I only started noticing it when I was playing Bloodstained, so I assumed it was yet another issue with the Switch port of that specific game. But just now I noticed it happening on the Switch menu, too. At least it’s not my Joy-Con acting up, I guess.

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