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Tencent TiMi Studio Group developing a Pokemon title

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Tencent and the Pokemon Company have teamed up for a new Pokemon game. It hasn’t been stated which platform the project it is for, but it is most likely a mobile game. The game is being developed by Tencent’s TIMI studio which has been responsible for some of the company’s biggest titles. Tencent’s TIMI studio is behind the upcoming Call of Duty mobile title.

9 thoughts on “Tencent TiMi Studio Group developing a Pokemon title”

  1. I’m not as big of a Pokemon fan as I used to be, but it’s kind of ridiculous that they’re willing to hire all these outside sources to help make them all these different games but can’t hire more help for their main Pokemon game.

    I mean, maybe it is impossible to fit in over 1000 unique critters in a game, but that doesn’t excuse the very stiff animations. Dragon Quest XI can do it, can’t the Pokemon Company?

    Anyway, this message brought to you by the “You-should-probably-just-buy-Dragon-Quest-XI” Gang.

      1. Yeah honestly to me Sword and Shield looks anything but polished. I’m literally drowning in just ok Pokemon mobile games, I seriously don’t need any more. And yes, I’m also a part of the “You-should-probably-just-buy-Dragon-Quest-XI” Gang as well.

      2. I hate to say I was right but I was right. lol GameFreak are indeed a bit cheap & lazy. I don’t think they’d survive making AAA, high quality games with a shitload of content for home console systems unless they learn to evolve like some of the Pokemon they create do. Hopefully they will slowly get use to working on home console like systems and actually make better Pokemon games on such systems down the road.

        1. +Overlord Infinite Ridley
          As much as I hate to admit it; You were right all along. Gamefreak really are bad at this and the fact that they are badly flopping with Pokemon Sword and Shield just shows how incompetent they are.

          1. You weren’t entirely wrong. There is a definite hill to climb with this franchise as they add more & more new Pokemon for every new gen with such short release windows between main entries. Even if they weren’t cheap & lazy, I wouldn’t be surprised if they still had trouble. They just need to space out the releases more and, as much as some people will hate the idea, not make as many new Pokemon for every new gen. Over 100 new Pokemon might be a bit much for a franchise that has no intention of slowing down with adding new Pokemon. Only 8 main entries in & we’re almost at 1000 original Pokemon. Dynasty Warriors from Koei Tecmo, for instance, has been around for as long as Pokemon, are on their 9th main entry, and I don’t think they’ve even hit 300 new, playable characters yet; probably haven’t even hit 150-200, much less 300. But imagine if they had the same number of new characters as Pokemon does & tried to give most of them their own unique animations. Luckily, updates to our games is a thing now so, if they put forth the effort to do so, they can easily add the missing Pokemon to Sword/Shield over time. Sadly, I think what’s his name made it clear they have no intention of doing such a thing if that one article MNN posted is accurate. :/ I will say they weren’t always lazy, though. The first 3, maybe 4, gens were done pretty well & had a lot of work put into them. Sadly, the number of Pokemon they created finally caught up with them and they started slacking ever since.

            Since it’s becoming more & more apparent that they can’t handle the workload on their own, ESPECIALLY now that they are working on what amounts to a home console with the ability to be played on the go, they need to just hire a second dev team to help them with the development of the franchise to help carry the load instead of hiring devs to make new games unrelated to the main entries. If they can’t afford it themselves, that’s where Nintendo comes in since the franchise belongs to both of them, so Nintendo can definitely help pay for another dev team to come help GameFreak with the workload. They just need to ask Nintendo for help, though, since Nintendo won’t get too involved out of respect for GameFreak. It’s why they won’t put their foot down in regards to Sakurai and tell him to take a break from Smash. If they don’t ask for help, they won’t get help.

          2. I’m worried that this will be the last generation with traditional mainline games. If Pokemon Masters produces much more revenue than Sword and Shield, Gamefreak may decide it isn’t worth continuing the “main series” any longer. It may be in the best interest for people who are boycotting the games due to dexit to buy Sword and Shield if they care about the quality of the series for the long-term.

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