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Video: Smash Ultimate Dragon Quest spirits have appeared on Nintendo’s servers

Nintendo has not given an exact release date for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s next DLC character, the Dragon Quest Hero, but a recent development suggests that it may be coming sooner than you think. It has been discovered that Nintendo has added some Dragon Quest spirits to the Smash Bros. Ultimate spirit database that is on their official servers. You can see a picture of the spirits, as well as a GameXplain video talking about their findings, down below.


  1. Not my type of character but I’m still excited for the new addition to the roster

  2. I finally started playing Smash Ultimate, and it’s just as I predicted. I’m already getting super bored, and I only unlocked maybe 10 characters so far. And I can’t figure out the spirit mode for the life of me. Keeps telling me that I haven’t equipped any spirits (whatever it’s called), yet I can’t find any to equip. Even when I know I unlocked some. And I’m not really having enough fun to care much about figuring it out.

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