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Best Buy listing for Spyro Trilogy says Spyro 2 and Year of the Dragon require download

Those of you hoping that all the content of The Spyro Reignited Trilogy would be on the cartridge will be saddened to learn that it seems Spyro 2 and Spyro Year of the Dragon will require a separate download. The case also states on the front that a download will be required. Spyro Reignited Trilogy launches on Nintendo Switch this September.

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20 thoughts on “Best Buy listing for Spyro Trilogy says Spyro 2 and Year of the Dragon require download”

  1. Either the 3rd parties are being cheap or the Switch cards that hold more data are a lot more pricey than we think. If it is the latter, maybe Nintendo should talk to their partner that makes the cards to lower the price a little. Since Nintendo partly owns the Switch cards, they should have some kind of say over the price of them.

    1. i feel like its a mix of both but i do agree that Nintendo should cut them some deals on the ones with more data.

    2. The whole game on the eShop (already downloaded it) is 6,3 GB, it’s probably the 3rd party being cheap once again.

      1. I thought that was confirmed to not be the case. Like enough backlash resulted in all three games being on one disc

    3. It’s not Nintendo’s fault. The Witcher 3 will come with everything in disc. The only thing missing in DOOM 2016 was the forgettable multiplayer. It’s Activision being Activision.

      1. In the case of 3rd parties that can afford to pay for the higher data Switch carts, you’re right.

        For those that can’t, however, you actually can put some of the blame squarely on Nintendo as they could lower the cost of the more expensive carts to help those developers out.

  2. If I buy the cartridge do I get a download key for the two others? Meaning I could take out the cartridge and still play 2+3 or is it downloaded as DLC meaning the cartridge needs the be in the switch meaning you could also buy it used as 2+3 weren’t a download key but rather DLC

  3. Look, if the Witcher 3 is coming with everything on one cartridge then there is no excuse for anyone else to do it, especially when it’s some huge publisher like Activision. Whenever this is done it is a massive disrespect and disregard for the customer as they are basically saying we want to spend less money so you have to pay for extra storage. Probably won’t get this now as I’m sick of this being done.

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