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Dragon Ball FighterZ Janemba DLC Leaked

A new Dragon Ball FighterZ character has leaked via the Nintendo UK website. The character is Janemba and will be featured as paid downloadable content in Dragon Ball FighterZ Pass 2. Here’s the character feature published direct from the Nintendo UK site:

Janemba, the demon of pure evil joins the fight from the Underworld!

This content includes:

  • Janemba as a new playable character
  • Five alternative colors for his outfit
  • Janemba Lobby Avatar
  • Janemba Z Stamp

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10 thoughts on “Dragon Ball FighterZ Janemba DLC Leaked”

    1. I’m more wanting a canon Janemba because I want to see how they will canonize him. Preferably a demon because we’ve only gotten Dabura (King Piccolo & his children don’t truly count since they introduced Dabura as being an actual demon while Piccolo and his children were just using it as a title to scare people) and the fact Jiren’s backstory kind of hints that demons are a lot more dangerous than what we saw in the Buu Saga. As for the rest of the movie villains, I’m not too worried as they could also get canonized at a later date.

      Hm… Maybe that’s WHY they want to use him because of the fact his second form would make a great demon.

        1. Nope, sorry. Broly was confirmed to be in the DBS movie before FighterZ. I think it was about a months difference

          1. I doubt they will do Janemba next, given how it’s tied to Fusion, they used that gimmick in Broly.
            I think Cooler/Metal Cooler would make more sense, where they can use the Big Gete Star to make infinte/immortal Coolers. Basicly having to solve the whole Zamusa issue again without Zeno destroying their reality.

            However since the Moro anime Arc is so well received they might do their take on a magic character like him as well.

            The only way I see them doing Janemba is if we actually get Karoly as a fusion, which could be why Goku introduced himself as Kakarot at the end of the last one though!

            1. Actually, I like that idea for Janemba. If they want to set demons as an actual threat, having Goku & Broly (Universe 7’s strongest two warriors) fuse to beat Janemba would be the way to do it. As for why Dabura isn’t the strongest demon in Universe 7, they could either reveal he was a self proclaimed king & that he was actually one of the weakest demons of Universe 7, reveal that U7 Supreme Kai, or Shin for short, was mistaken (it wouldn’t be the first time he didn’t know something (like how the Potara Earrings can create a powerful fusion so there is precedent to show that he’s actually rather incompetent as a Supreme Kai), or he could be a demon from one of the other universes if each universe has their own demon realm. As to why he’d come to Universe 7, the Super Dragon Balls sounds like a good reason.

            2. Janemba was one of the coolest and most powerful villains in the franchise. He’s basically a cooler and more powerful Kid Buu with a sword and can warp reality.

            1. Yeah, this one has been kinda know since before E3.
              Though I havent seen the stuff he came with yet, so still a bit new.
              Kudo’s for FighterZ for managing to let it leak TWICE though xD

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