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Capcom: Duck Tales Remastered will be pulled from all digital storefronts today


Capcom has recently announced that the excellent 2D platformer Duck Tales: Remastered will be leaving all the various digital storefronts beginning today, 8th August. This is sad news and emphasises the problem with digital content. If you’ve yet to buy it, it may still be up on your platform of choice.

Thanks to all those who sent this in!

18 thoughts on “Capcom: Duck Tales Remastered will be pulled from all digital storefronts today”

  1. Maybe I’m out of the loop for something, but why is this happening, and what problem with digital content does this emphasise?

    1. That it’s being pulled presumably for licensing reasons. It will be gone forever unless I would assume some agreement is ever reached 😔

      Also if you purchased it and uninstalled it to free up space and don’t download it today you won’t be able to play it.

      1. Didn’t the source of the tweet specify you actually could access the game even if you deleted it after today? That’s how it works generally on Steam when a game is removed (yeah, it happens a lot).

      2. Wait what!? In the PC universe, both and Steam, you can still download the game and play it on your library if you still purchased it. GOG will also fore-warn you if something like this would happen and set up as -80% discount on the game to make people grab it real quick.

        What nintendo is doing is awful, it’s like google stadia, once it’s removed, you can’t play it anymore!? this is why piracy is on the rise due to this anti-consumer technology bullcrap. Nintendo needs to make a download library so that all of your purchased digital games will be in their so you can keep playing it at any time, this includes this games so you don’t miss out.

      1. I feel the same way about “DuckTales 2: Remastered”.

        And then Alan Young passed, followed by June Foray……

        Now we have millennial-sounding Huey, Dewey, and Louie, and “Mabel!Webby”……

      1. You are so right about that. And besides I like having a box in my living room. I call it “my collection.” If they go into steaming 15 or 20 years from now then no more collection.

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