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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate On Switch and 3DS has sold 3.2 million units


Capcom has announced via its list of Platinum titles that the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS game, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, has shifted 3.2 million units worldwide. The company has yet to announce a new Monster Hunter game for Nintendo Switch as it seems their focus is on Monster Hunter World and Iceborn.

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  1. I truly believe a new MH entry on Switch with the quality of life changes will do much better on Switch than all other platforms combined, especially if they go all out the same way they did for MH4G/U and MHXX/GU.

      1. Basically what I’m saying is I want to see a MH game on the switch that has all of the new gameplay mechanics introduced in MH world but with its own story, areas, monsters ect. It doesn’t have to look as good as MH World, in fact I actually wish Capcom would consider going cell shaded with a MH switch, similar how BotW looks.

  2. Iceborne was the game I was most hyped for this year. And then they had to release the PC version right after Christmas. It’s like Sony paid Capcom to keep some of the Steam buyers for the game this Christmas since they’ve don’t have anything 1st party this year… hmm, nah. Sony wouldn’t do that?

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