Nintendo Switch

Game Freak apply for “Little Town Hero” trademark


Game Freak has applied for a new trademark most likely related to their upcoming new project Town for the Nintendo Switch system. The trademark is for Little Town Hero which sounds like the better name out of the two. Town is set to be a new RPG IP from the house which brings you the Pokemon series.




  1. Gamefreak always makes games on the side. Giga wrecker just came out and its got Very Positive reviews on steam.

    I’m very interested in seeing them experiment with new RPG concepts. I’d love to see multiple dev teams playing around with different ideas and good ones bleeding into the other side.

    A lot of JRPGs these days just feel too same-y, but pokemon has always stood out. Square Enix is moving towards real-time action over turn based combat (and doing a questionable job at that), so it’d be really neat if Gamefreak could sort of set a new standard for what an RPG can be.


  2. Where exactly are the people this Nintendo article even coming from? Trolland? The secret Anti-Pokemon coven?

    What are you guys even doing if you guys are that apathetic towards the direction of the franchise?


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