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Grandia HD Collection priced at $40


The pricing has been unveiled for the upcoming Grandia HD Collection from Gung-ho and it’s slightly more pricey than some were expecting. The collection is now listed on the Nintendo Switch eShop and is priced at $39.99 and the file-size is listed as 7.8Gb. You can purchase the Grandia HD Collection tomorrow via the eShop.



  1. That’s 20 dollars per game.
    While remastering does require effort (read: money), it’s unacceptable that a game over 20 years old and almost 20 years old is being resold at the same price that many new indie games sell for.
    I love that many older games are being re-released and becoming more accessible, but I could go without the trend of pricing these classics as though they are a new game.

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