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Nintendo creates four Sanrio wallpapers from Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

To celebrate all the special items you can get from Sanrio Characters Collection #3 in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Nintendo has created four brand-new mobile wallpapers that highlight the collaboration, featuring Marty, Chelsea, Étoile and Rilla. The one and only Hello Kitty also makes an appearance in one of the wallpapers. You can check out all four unique designs in the embedded gallery below:


4 thoughts on “Nintendo creates four Sanrio wallpapers from Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp”

  1. Not too fond of Rilla, but I love Marty, Chelsea, and Étoile. I could combine them to make one desktop wallpaper.

  2. I’m guessing they renewed their license so hopefully these items make their way into ACNH :)
    They were in New Leaf as well to anyone who didn’t already know that… however you did need the limited edition amiibo cards that go for a hefty price now… hopefully they re-release them if they’re gunna be in ACNH through amiibo.

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