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Japan: Monster Rancher port confirmed for Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Dream, the popular Nintendo-centric magazine in Japan, has announced that Monster Rancher will be coming to the Nintendo Switch system. The port of the original will launch later this year in Japan and a western release has yet to be announced. It is not clear if the port is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch or will be available on other systems as obviously Nintendo Dream is a Nintendo based magazine.

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6 thoughts on “Japan: Monster Rancher port confirmed for Nintendo Switch”

  1. One thing I am wondering about… how will the monster creation via temple work? In the original you had to take out the game disc, and put in a DVD or another game disc to be able to make a monster. But I don’t think that would work all that well on the Switch…. Anyone have any ideas?

    1. I’m guessing that instead of CDs, the game reads what Switch games you have and assigns some sort of equivalent to the CDs of yesteryear.

      That, or it simply won’t be a thing at all.

  2. Didn’t think it was possible for this game to see the light of day (and on a proprietary non-disc/Nintendo console no less).

    Not so keen on the whole “monster dies after a period of time” thing. But either way, this system is now the ultimate retro machine (for games from other console that can’t be emulated via Wii/Wii U).

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