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Video: Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack official roster reveal trailer

The full roster for the Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack has been revealed. Shang Tsung and Nightwolf are available now, but 4 more are on the way. Terminator T-800 will release on October 8th. On November 26th, Sindel will arrive.  January 28th, 2020 will be the date that Joker debuts. Lastly, Spawn releases on March 17th, 2020. You can see a tweet containing the trailer down below. Mortal Kombat 11 is now available on multiple platforms, including the Nintendo Switch.

Thanks to sonicgalaxy27 for the tip!


  1. So I guess this leaves one very important question. Who are the VA’s for for The Joker and The T-800?

    1. imma be upset if they didn’t actually have Arnold do the VA for T-800. Joker would probably be Mark but i highly doubt it.

  2. For five minutes NetherRealms, can you not make a Mortal Kombat DC crossover, FOR FIVE MINUTES?!

  3. Wouldn’t the T-800 require all new Fatality animations to account for the endoskeleton?

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