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You can pet your Beast Legion in Astral Chain

Leading up to the highly-anticipated release of Astral Chain, PlatinumGames is continuing to reveal interesting tidbits surrounding the upcoming action title. In a new case file, director Takahisa Taura explained how players will be able to interact with their summoned Beast Legion. “I’m particularly fond of the Beast Legion in Astral Chain,” he said. “If you approach your summoned Beast Legion and press the A Button, you can pet it on the head. There’s no significance to doing so. But please show your Legion some affection.” Astral Chain is on track to launch on August 30, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

4 thoughts on “You can pet your Beast Legion in Astral Chain”

  1. Now that I’m thinking about it, I hope the BotW2 devs are paying attention to this news & decide “Hm! Maybe we should let Link do that with his horses in our BotW sequel!” I wouldn’t mind a little mini-game where we can actually groom our horses at the stables scattered about the world.

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