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The TY the Tasmanian Tiger Kickstarter campaign funded for Nintendo Switch


The 2002 platformer TY the Tasmanian Tiger will commence development as the Kickstarter campaign, which launched earlier this month, has now been funded. The team behind the game, Krome Studios, had asked for $40,000 to get the project Kickstarted on the Nintendo Switch platform, and now that goal has been reached, they are asking for another $150,000 to get the game up and running on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems. Have a watch of the video down below.

7 thoughts on “The TY the Tasmanian Tiger Kickstarter campaign funded for Nintendo Switch”

  1. This is most interesting. The original was among the first games we had for the PS2.

    Depending on what route they choose to take (remaster, port, reboot), I can get behind this.

    1. Its already been on PC for 2 years now.
      They were getting funded and Early Access on Steam
      to get all 3 games remastered. yes remastered
      but they did implement a few things for the 1st 2 games tht they wanted to do originally on 6th gen; but culdnt due to hardware limitations at the time.

      So this funding here is just to the get the trilogy to come to consoles. (with more graphical enhancements to boot as they’re doing this)

  2. YES MY CHILDHOOD GAME !! Yess!!! I thought about this months ago and i wished this game got a port/remake!! Now its happening yess!!!

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