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Astral Chain director explains manga inspiration for characters in the game

To celebrate the recent launch of Astral Chain, PlatinumGames is continuing to reveal interesting tidbits surrounding its latest action title. In a new case file, director Takahisa Taura explains the inspiration behind the character designs for the game. “We asked Masakazu Katsura, the manga artist, to do the character designs for Astral Chain,” he said. “When we envisioned the setting, we felt Mr. Katsura’s character designs with their strong lines would be a perfect fit.”

Taura added: “I’m also a big fan of the ZETMAN manga. We also felt the clothing on Mr. Katsura’s characters fit the atmosphere of a live-action super hero show in Japan, which is where we came up with the idea for the Legatus. It’s fair to say that Mr. Katsura’s designs really set the direction for this title.” Astral Chain is now available worldwide, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.


4 thoughts on “Astral Chain director explains manga inspiration for characters in the game”

    1. Astral Chain is an hack ‘n’ slash++. Or just an action game with some RPG elements sprinkled here and there. Wouldn’t go as far as calling it RPG.

      Fire Emblem is a SRPG, not an RPG. Difference is that Fire Emblem mainly is an strategy game with heavy roleplaying elements like characters with story vowed into them in addition to leveling them up etc. Chess with pieces you care about is a way to look at it. Astral Chain is quite a lot different.

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