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Nintendo NY holding special launch event for Link’s Awaking, Switch Lite, and amiibo, 20th September


The official Nintendo NY store Twitter account has tweeted that they are planning a special triple launch event on Friday, 20th September. The event will be celebrating that launch of the long-awaited remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, the Nintendo Switch Lite and the latest amiibo figures. If you are in the area then it sounds like it will be well worth a visit. The doors will open at midnight.


  1. On the one Hand, I’d say what a lovely and great game to start your Switch Lite career.
    On the other hand, thinking about it, it’s a bit absurd to buy a 1:1 remake of a 25 year old game to get into the Switch world.

    1. The only absurd thing is that this games costs $60. Remakes should never cost full price because a big part of the development process has already been done years ago. Even $50 would be too much but at least that would show some symphathy. Remember this is still a Game Boy game, despite the pretty graphics. $60 is a rip-off and nothing else.

        1. I expected some fanboy like you sucking Nintendo’s dick. No remake is made from the ground up you stupid idiot! All they had to do is make new assets a new engine and rerecord the music. Everything from the concept of the game to the level design, enemy design, boss fights, game mechanics etc. already exists.

          1. Chill bootyranger.
            It may feel a little pricey, but for a serious portion of the audience it’s gona be a new game. I know even myself it’s gona feel like a new game and I played the original which seemed like donkeys years ago.
            There are some added extras too like the dungeon making.
            Personally I seriously enjoyed the original and the colour version I didn’t really bother too much, but had a blast. This version looks very appealing and will be a good game none the less.

          2. Fanboy like me..? lol You must be new here if you think I’m a Nintendo fanboy. Anyway, you tell me it’s not a remake built from the ground up yet you name off things that just reinforces my assumption like the new assets, a new engine, and rerecording the music. Sounds like groundwork to me. And brad10do also brings up the dungeon creator. More importantly, why so angry..? Leave the whiny, angry asshole crap to idiots like gamingfan2009.

      1. I agree that it probably should’ve been $50, but considering it’s the Zelda brand and a total remake (with a bit of new content), $60 isn’t very surprising. Newer Zelda fans have probably never even played it, so I’m sure they’ll get their money’s worth. Although I disagree that remakes should never be full price. Resident Evil 2 Remake was amazing, and very different compared to the original. Worth every penny of the $60.

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