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Super Mario Party dataminers have discovered an unused board and references to DLC

Super Mario Party was released last year, and the game sold very well, but no post-launch DLC has released. In fact, since its October 2018 release, Nintendo hasn’t really said much about the game at all. Dataminers have now gone through the game’s coding, and have discovered some interesting things. The game’s code contains things such as “Core_GetStreamingInstallDLCStatus”, “SeasonPass” and “DLC1”, indicating that Nintendo had planned a Season Pass and DLC at some point in the game’s development. There was also an unused board discovered, which would’ve been city-themed. An image of the board is down below.


8 thoughts on “Super Mario Party dataminers have discovered an unused board and references to DLC”

  1. That’s bizarre. Given the low amount of boards, I thought expansion DLC would be inevitable. Wonder why they stopped, especially since the game appeared to sell pretty well.

  2. One has to wonder why they abandoned doing DLC for this game- it sold well and was actually good, the first good Mario Party game in years, actually. It’s been almost a year since release and my workmates still come over to play it from time to time. More boards and/or minigames would be fantastic as we’ve played them all multiple times.

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  4. What in the world, this has gotta be a dream I litteraly thought of board like that with the same structure and colors about 2 months ago except it was a ship in the sky and it was way bigger (I should really start drawing my ideas out)

  5. Screw the board, give me online for boards. The character dice and no cart gimmick are nice, but the modular board and 10 coin stars suck out half the personality from the game. If it had online there’d at least be some reason for me to prefer playing this once in a while instead of the ones made back when Hudson Soft was still around…RIP

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