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Pokemon Sword & Shield download card states game is 10.3GB


Pokemon Sword & Shield is due to launch on the Nintendo Switch next month and we now know how much storage space is required for the digital download. The Japanese download card states that the latest Pokemon adventure is 10.3GB, so you’ll clearly need some additional space on your SD Card if you are planning to download.


10 thoughts on “Pokemon Sword & Shield download card states game is 10.3GB”

    1. I would hope a completely open world game as big as BoTW had a larger file size, especially since it had twice the amount of people working on it. I think the reason they gave is all that’s to it, they kept spending all their time making sure all the pokemon worked properly in past games that they haven’t had much to change things outside of them.

    2. Well they haven’t so there’s no point mentioning it. You kind of need to get over the fact that not every Pokémon is in these games as it is not going to change. They have heard the outcry loud and clear so we’ll see whether that has any affect in the future but for now it is this way. BOTW was about 13GB so it’s not that much smaller anyway.

      1. Um no. No one is just going to “get over it” because you tell them to. People are allowed to feel angry. Hell, look at all the reviews for Sonic Forces and Fallout 76. Even Skyward Sword has gotten major backlash for less than those.

        Real talk: This franchise is on its way out (GO, LGPE, Masters, Little Town Hero). And unless Pokemon Home is something that actually matters, people (excluding not-in-the-know casuals) are going to leave this franchise in droves, while others will turn to a potential hacking scene (the only way to add in content that isn’t there and developers have no intention of adding).

      2. You’re missing the point. BotW was around 13 GB, plus around 2 GB if you got the DLC. That’s 15 GB total. Sword & Shield here are only 10.3 GB, meaning the game CAN be bigger, and that potential data use could go towards more Pokemon. They haven’t reached any kind of limit, it’s not like one monster uses 500MB to exist. They COULD make a bigger game- they just choose not to.

      1. And why we people do that, especially when it doesn’t replace the experience of a proper Pokemon game (or past LOZ titles for that matter).

        That is called a non-argument

  1. It better be lengthy enough.

    And if they can make BOTW immediately they need to work on Sword and Shield immediately and stop taking a 5 year break doing notthing

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