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Video: Overwatch Nintendo Switch & Playstation 4 graphics comparison

Overwatch released on the Nintendo Switch today, so Gaming Boulevard has released a graphics comparison video that features the game. The video compares the Nintendo Switch version with the Playstation 4, which released with the PC and Xbox One versions in May of 2016. There are some very clear differences, so if you want to see the video for yourself, we have provided it for you down below.



  1. Comparing a dedicated console to a portable machine. Yep. Definitely a sensible thing to do. Hey, how about next we compare Super Mario Land on the Game Boy with Super Mario Bros. on the NES straight across. That’s a good use of our time.


    1. I see your point, but Overwatch is the same game across the platforms, so it got more in common that Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Land.
      Most games will look worse on Switch compared to the other consoles, because it’s a portable experience as you’re pointing out. Switch does really do a commendable job in most of the ports from the bigger studios. I think people are just curious about the result, not trying to mock the Switch version.

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    2. Yes, it is a sensible thing to do. Switch is supposed to be Nintendo’s home console as well.

      I really have to dig up early posts of mine from before the Switch came out where I said people will consider the Switch a portable or home console depending on when it helps their argument.

      Someone: Well it’s kind of big.

      Switch fan: Yea, duh, it’s a home console.

      Someone: It’s a little under-powered, no?

      Switch fan: Why are you expecting a portable system to be as powerful as home consoles?

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    1. Likely has to do with them getting rid of some post processing steps. When I color grade, dipping the midtones on all channels darkens but also saturates the image. The Switch version lacks ambient occlusion so that might be contributing to it looking less saturated. Or it just has to do with the capture.


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