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Zelda: Breath Of The Wild is #5 on IGN’s list of the “100 Best Games Of All Time”

A new generation of video games arrives next year. With the current generation coming to an end, IGN has decided to update their list of the 100 best games of all time. Some Nintendo-related titles that were not previously there have added. Pokemon GO is at #100, Smash Ultimate at #74, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe at #68 and Zelda: Breath Of The Wild made it to #5. Super Mario Odyssey did not make the list. You can see a list of the top 10 down below.

10. Super Mario 64
9. Red Dead Redemption
8. Half Life 2
7. Tetris
6. Super Mario Bros 3
5. Zelda Breath of the Wild
4. Super Metroid
3. Portal 2
2. Zelda A Link to the Past
1. Super Mario World


29 thoughts on “Zelda: Breath Of The Wild is #5 on IGN’s list of the “100 Best Games Of All Time””

  1. Breath of the wild lost to two nostalgia titles (Super Mario World and A Link to the past), the worst video game ever made (Portal 2), and a game from a B list Nintendo franchise? Typical IGN.

    1. Worst video game ever made? I think you’re fairly alone on that opinion. One of my favourites for sure.

      Just curious, have you actually played the game? I’ve never heard of someone disliking it.

    2. B List Nintendo Franchise? Super Mertoid? Well, yeah, probably, but still one of the best game I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. B-List or AAA or Indie or whatever doesn’t matter if the game is inbcredible.

    3. Ah, I sure did miss the trolls on this site. We all know Portal 2 doesn’t deserve to be that high, but Super Metroid is obvious top-5 material. It’s too ridiculous to even suggest otherwise.

  2. Some sure quality Nintendo titles in there, but I thought OoT would of been in that top ten list (even no 1).
    I love Mario world and Mario 3, so glad there in their list.

  3. Is Portal 2 really that good? Honestly don’t know because I’ve never played it and what I’ve seen didn’t look that amazing. A Link to the Past is not even in my top 5 Zelda games, even though it is great, it’s been improved upon in nearly every way by subsequent titles in the series so why that is above all of them I’ll never know. These lists are pretty pointless anyway, we all have our own favourites.

    1. Yes, Portal 1 and 2 are some of the best games ever (in my opinion lol). Definitely play them if you can. There’s a reason virtually every top 100 list places one of them in the top 20.

    2. Portal 2 is a neat puzzle game, but it’s not really that much more incredible than a lot of indie physics puzzlers that have a similar scope. It’s a really bizarre choice for the top ten.

  4. There’s too many games to name any of them the “best” especially since that’s a matter of opinion. Lists like these are so pointless just enjoy the games. I mainly take a look at these lists to see some games I should try out

  5. I still laugh every time I think back to the people who thought Link was a girl in early BOTW screen shots. I still can’t figure out why some people thought that. And I definitely agree that Breath Of The Wild is among one of the all time best games. It was the first Zelda game to knock Ocarina Of Time off of the number one spot on my favorites list (though Wind Waker was a close second). Though I would have loved it even more if Calamity Ganon was actually Ganon, and if Princess Zelda wasn’t such a whiny nag.

  6. Mr.Krabs with a mustache

    Why is smash ultimate lower than Mario Kart? Me and my friends + family personally have no fun playing after a few rounds.

  7. Personally, I don’t think BOTW deserves a top 10 spot. Its really good, but still really flawed in places. Seems like more of a hype pick. Correct me if I’m wrong, but a few years after Skyward Sword came out it got a pretty high spot on IGN’s list. I think its just Zelda hype.

    I will say, the rest of the list is really good, even if I’m pretty biased towards Portal 2, which is probably number 1 fav game ever. Plus Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater got 21, so that fills me with joy as that’s one of my favs. Plus RE2 Remake got on the list, and that’a my favourite game this generation.

    I think its wack Mario Odyssey didn’t get a spot, though. That’s still my fav game on switch; its just sooo good. But glad to see Smash and Mario Kart; they both deserve it.

    Oh, also God of War (2018) should of been higher. Its my personal favorite game, but from a production and design standpoint I think its the best game I’ve played this generation. Its super revolutionary to the medium as a whole.

    I will say one more thing, where’s Paper Mario?! TTYD is a top 5 fav of all time for me, such a shame its so underrated. I’d put that in top 50 best easy.

    1. I didn’t see an edit option, but I need to correct one thing.

      “It ISN’T my personal favorite game, but”

      Is what I meant to say regarding God of War.

  8. So where does that leave Ocarina of Time? Is it suddenly not a good game because of BotW? Also, Super Mario Odyssey and any of the GOOD Sonic games deserve a higher spot on the list.

  9. Portal 2 is a great game, but the no. 3 spot is a bit high especially when you consider how little replay value it has when you play again and already know the solutions to the puzzles.

    Also, IMO, Breath of the Wild is phenomenal, but it couldn’t dethrone the original Majora’s Mask (not the mediocre/watered-down 3DS remake) as my favorite Zelda. It got close though.

  10. Tbh. these ranked top 10 lists that are written by just one editorial staff are nothing than click-bait to unleash a fan boy war. How could you possibly argue whether Tetris is better than HL2 or the other way around? These are 2 completely different games that have nothing in common you can compare to each other. They should just make a “10 best games of all time” list without any particular order.

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