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Digital Foundry examines Overwatch on Nintendo Switch


Popular online multiplayer shooter Overwatch recently came to the Nintendo Switch and many of you were interested to see how it performs. The tech focussed team at Digital Foundry have examined the game and it runs at 900p while docked and 720p when in handheld mode. Here’s what they say as the matter is a little more complicated than that.

“On closer inspection, there is much more to it. With dynamic resolution scaling in play. It’s a dynamic 900p when docked, with a horizontal scaler delivering a minimum of 1152×900 under load. Similarly, portable play is a native 720p in the best case, but again, the horizontal scaler seems to deliver a 960×720 resolution with the engine under stress.”

As we know the game runs at 30fps though as expected it can vary depending on the situation, hence why there’s no cross-play with other consoles or the PC as Xbox One and PlayStation 4 run at a much higher 60fps. You can read their full analysis here.

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3 thoughts on “Digital Foundry examines Overwatch on Nintendo Switch”

  1. I feel they can do better. The frame rate drops to 15-20 when too much is going on- hell, just using Moira’s fade ability causes drops sometimes. And then the Play of the Game mechanic hardly ever works because the models don’t show up, and then half the time, they’re T-posing!

    I love the ability to play this on Switch, but it’s not optimized. If Smash Ultimate could have a glitch that spawns infinite Assist Trophies and not even drop a frame, why can’t OW accomplish the same?

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