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New Super Luckys Tale developers open to sequel


Former Xbox One exclusive Super Luckys Tale is now on the Nintendo Switch platform in a new revised edition titled, New Super Luckys Tale. In a recent interview the team were asked whether they wish to build upon Luckys universe with a sequel and they admitted that they had plenty of left over ideas, but they would have to fundamentally make something that would shake up the fun experience of the original.

On unused ideas in New Super Luckys Tale:

We even had some early prototypes where Lucky had like a companion character, there’s something I would still like to do there at some point, I think we got too complicated with it, but there’s a really cool opportunity for that if we go into like a sequel or something from this title and those are the types of things I immediately look to.

On a sequel to New Super Luckys Tale

How do we further refine the core of what we love about this, but really shake-up other pieces of that make it feel fresh and invigorating. I would probably like it a little less if it just didn’t add that much to the core experience, cause then why am I spending time with it – I want our players to really experience something fundamentally new by the inclusion of that, so that’s kind of the high bar we’ve set…for new moves or new characters, they kind of must add that breath of fresh air of the way you experience and approach the game.


8 thoughts on “New Super Luckys Tale developers open to sequel”

  1. Its saddens me how poor game devlopers immediately begin sequels and richer game developers take 6 to 7 year breaks. I wouldn’t be surprised if Frozenbyte is already starting Trine 5. Where is next Starfox, Where is Pikmin 4?

    Where is Mario Kart 9? Where is the next DK? It will probably be 10 years for Luigi’s Mansion 4.

    1. That isn’t necessarily always the case.
      There are a ton of Assassin’s Creed and COD games for instance.
      Nintendo just has a different approach. They don’t like to rush things (generally speaking).
      I also want Pikmin 4 though.
      I’m starting to think Hey! Pikmin is the game that Miyamoto was talking about lol.

      1. I’m starting to believe that same thing about Pikmin. But I still remeber 2 years ago at E3 lying Miyomoto brought up Pikmin 4 again but he cant talk about it. That was june 2017. That’s the only reason I dont think it was Hey Pikmin

        1. Plus: I prefer companies making a sequel when it makes sense to make a sequel.
          Nintendo struggled to make a new Star Fox game as it needs some original concepts to stand on it own feet and not those of its predecessors. They tried again and again to pull it off but you saw what came out.
          Same with Metroid. I can appreciate them just holding back until they find a way to create an experience that works for 30+ hours. After Prime Trilogy I felt like playing the same old structure again would just not work anymore and I guess so does Nintendo.
          Same with Pikmin, same with every IP. Nintendo showed with Zelda how it can be done and with Mario they created an extremely flexible IP that can change shapes with every game, which is very smart. But oter IPs like Starfox or Pikmin aren’t that flexible and that might be a curse.

      2. Good! We need a nice game like this to be a staple in the video game industry.

        Hell, maybe add more playable characters, then a third game, a kart racer, a spot in Smash, an animated series, etc.

        Anything to fill the void of Sonic (and Banjo-Kazooie).

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