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Golden Joystick Awards 2019: Super Smash Bros Ultimate wins Nintendo Game of the Year


The Golden Joystick Awards ceremony took place earlier today and it’s the fantastic Super Smash Bros Ultimate which claimed the accolade of Nintendo Game of the Year for 2019. The game wasn’t up for inclusion last year because of the deadline, but it managed to prove formidable enough to scoop the award this year. Well done to everyone involved!


        1. The sad thing is the second set of DLC was gonna actually IMPROVE the story of the main game by giving an alternate final act. They are turning the last 3 episodes into a book instead. (Yeah because it’s not like a lot of the game’s story exists in material not part of the main game already so let’s have more story not in the actual game.) From what I’ve read, it’s a far superior final act to the one in the main game. They did release the first episode (the second set of DLC was gonna be 4 episodes but they only released one of them) of the 4. Unfortunately, the update to the game that included all of the data for that episode also broke a few things in the main game, so we’ve been left with a final product that still has glitches. It’s not fun being abandoned when the game is left slightly buggy.

  1. Must have been a really slow year. Link’s Awakening and Luigi’s Mansion 3 are better than Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The only thing that’s “Ultimate” about SSBU is the roster. That’s pretty much all it is. A game with a lot of characters, and all of the best modes of the past removed.

    1. What best modes are you even talking about.
      Break the Targets? Wasn’t in 4 either.
      All-Star? Give you this one but it’s not enough to make your point.
      Smash Tour? HA!
      Plus Link’s Awakening is a 26 year old game. It would be stupid to put it over Ultimate even if it is a remake (that didn’t add much).

      1. @PROTOTYPE03, Yes, all of those things. And probably more. Even the trophies, which were much more interesting than stickers. And I despise the new single player mode (it’s been so long that I can’t remember what it’s called). Where you go around winning more stickers and equipping them. BORING. This game put the final nail in the Smash Bros. coffin for me (since I also hated the 3DS and Wii U versions). The only people who love it are fighting fans and multi-player fans (who are very easily amused). And I’m a solo gamer who cares nothing for multi-player ANYTHING. Hard to believe I used to love this series. But even then I still got tired of them WAY faster than most people.

        But sadly, bad games will forever stay bad games because people still buy them and praise them, even when they’re not worthy. Making the companies think that the mistakes they made were good instead of bad. I get annoyed every time I see Sakurai’s face anymore.

        1. So, you’re saying that the game is bad because its main mode is multiplayer and you don’t enjoy any multiplayer game?
          I don’t like shooters, for example, but I’m not bashing games like Doom and Halo just because they’re not my cup of tea.

  2. A 2018 game won 2019 Nintendo game of the year. Why not have awards at the beginning of the new year rather than at the end of the current? Feels premature to do it before all of this year’s games are out.

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