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Mario Kart Tour was downloaded 86.2m times in September and 40.3m in October


The latest figures from Sensor Tower has revealed that Nintendo’s first mobile Mario Kart title Mario Kart Tour was downloaded an incredible 86.2 million times during the. month of September and it also did well in October with 40.3 million downloads. In October alone the game had made¬†$32 million and revenue and downloads are sure to increase once online multiplayer kicks off.

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  1. do people really care about online multiplayer on iOS?
    I’m asking because I already lost connection to that generation and can’t understand some things smartphone natives do on a regular basis lol.
    I just really disliked how MKTour feels and the thought to be forced to use these weird controls in multiplayer mode against some kids who don’t play anythig else the whole day … no thank you, I got bigger things on my mind.

    But the assumption of people suddenly playing that game again for MP-sake feels odd. I played this game, I didn’t really like it, erased it and if MP now comes to the app, I propably won’t even notice it as it’s erased anyways. I guess there’s a lot of people who are in the same boat so I would just expect downloadnumbers go a bit up again but that’s it.

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