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Rumour: Ridge Racer for Nintendo Switch could have been canceled


Ridge Racer for the Nintendo Switch, which was originally rumoured to be coming to the system, could have since been canned. The news comes from YouTuber Doctre81 who has been investigating a Linkedin page by an employee at Bandai Namco Singapore Studios. Bandai Namco were originally in charge of developing Metroid Prime 4 using Unreal Engine 4 and Ridge Racer, but the artists new listing now says that he had experience developing two canceled Unreal Engine 4 games.



  1. Let me see if I understood correctly:

    – The game was rumored (not confirmed in any way) for the Switch;
    – Now said rumored game was supposedly cancelled.

    My God, how hungry for views you are. Honestly, this isn’t funny anymore.

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