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Sony’s MLB The Show series is going multi-platform & Nintendo is hinting that it may come to the Switch

For years, MLB The Show has been a Sony-exclusive series. As of tonight, this is no longer the case. It has been announced that a new deal has been reached between the MLB, MLBPA, Sony San Diego and Sony Interactive Entertainment. The deal involves multi-year, video game partnership extensions and MLB The Show will now appear on non-Sony platforms in the future. Although it isn’t confirmed what platforms this will include exactly,, Nintendo has already stirred up some speculation with a tweet hinting that the series could make an appearance on the Nintendo Switch. The tweet is down below.

6 thoughts on “Sony’s MLB The Show series is going multi-platform & Nintendo is hinting that it may come to the Switch”

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  2. MLB: we believe the show is missing something.
    Sony: (names all the PS5 bells and whistles)
    MLB: actually we were thinking of letting people play MLB The Show at an actual MLB game or anywhere else you wanted to play.
    Sony: …..

  3. I’m sure it will be lower quality than PS4/PS5 version. However as long as its not an awful port like MLB 2K was on Wii where it was almost unplayable I’m game. The Show is one of the reasons I have a PS3. Just haven’t had as much gaming time so no PS4, just my switch. So consider me intrigued, but I’ll wait until it shows up to be excited.

  4. Letting one of their exclusives go multi-plat, eh? Now where is cross-play between systems for games? It’d be nice to possibly run across Ohmwrecker (who no doubt has the PC version) while playing Dead by Daylight on my PS4.

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