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The Game Awards 2019: Super Smash Bros Ultimate has won “Best Fighting Game”

The end of the pre-show of The Game Awards 2019 had some good news for Nintendo. For the first time tonight, it was announced that Nintendo has taken home an award. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate won for “Best Fighting Game”. Stay tuned, as The Game Awards 2019 has just started and we’ll be covering every Nintendo announcement for you tonight, including any awards that Nintendo wins.

Source: The Game Awards 2019


  1. Well, I guess I’m just not into fighting games. I haven’t been since Mortal Kombat Trilogy on the N64. But I don’t really consider Smash Bros. to be a fighting game. I mean, it is, but it’s so different from the traditional one on one fighters that it’s almost a category all in it’s own.


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