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IGN: The 10 Best Action Games of All-Time

IGN has taken the bold decision to shift through the best action titles across platforms to find the ones that you really must play. It’s a tough thing to do but they’ve achieved it and the list seems fairly good. You’ve got both Bayonetta games there, though they have placed the sequel lower than the original. Without further ado here’s IGNs top ten action games of all-time.

10) Ninja Gaiden 2
9) Vanquish
8) God of War 3
7) Bayonetta 2
6) Bayonetta 1
5) Metal Gear Rising
4) Devil May Cry 3
3) Devil May Cry 5
2) Ninja Gaiden Black
1) God of War (2018)

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6 thoughts on “IGN: The 10 Best Action Games of All-Time”

  1. Forget all that noise. My number one action game of all time is Madworld. That game blew my mind back in the day and is one of the games that I have had the most fun with. I also think No More Heroes 2 should be on that list.

  2. Bayo 2 is the best. Bayo 1 is good but lacks the polish and variety of 2, not to mention the extremely lame weapon selection.
    God of War has one of the worst cameras I’ve experienced in an action game. Constantly getting blindsided because the view is right up Kratos’ butt. Heavily overrated imo. Barely qualifies as an action game. If that qualifies, why doesn’t Bloodborne or Dark Souls? It’s nothing like the earlier GoW games. Strange logic. But that’s IGN for you.

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