Japan: Nintendo has filed trademark applications for Pikmin, Animal Crossing, Splatoon & The Legend Of Zelda

For the first time this year, Nintendo has filed applications for some trademarks in Japan. This time, it is for Pikmin, Animal Crossing, Splatoon & The Legend Of Zelda. The reason behind the trademark filings is, apparently, for merchandising reasons. The Pikmin trademark was for “approximately 200 purposes related to merchandising”, and the other 3 are “consistent with goods sold at Nintendo Tokyo”.



    1. Pikmin games have pretty consistently under performed in sales. Arguably, they should have abandoned it after the first game in the series.

      No insult to the games themselves intended. There are plenty of great games that don’t sell. Just from the numbers, Nintendo is probably better off not investing the resources into Pikmin when they could be doing something else. The good news for Pikmin fans is that Nintendo has a habit of making what they feel like making regardless of sales, so all you really need is for Miyamoto to have an idea he wants to try.

  1. I mean, seeing the screenshots of the new Nintendo store in Japan, it makes sense. There’s a BUTT ton of Pikmin merch. Not that I’m complaining, but it’s no surprise it’s related to 200 separate purposes when the franchise hasn’t made a game in three years (that is IF you count Hey! Pikmin)

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