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IGN hints Pikmin 3 could be coming to Nintendo Switch

IGN’s Nintendo Podcast, which is titled Nintendo Voice Chat, may have revealed one of the two Wii U ports which Emily Rogers said were arriving on the Nintendo Switch in the near future. Judging from what was said by Peer Schneider, who is the co-founder of IGN, it sounds like Pikmin 3 will be one of the titles. Pikmin 3 on the Nintendo Switch would be an excellent addition to an already stellar library of games.

At 1:01:07 in the video, Peer Schneider (co-founder of IGN) talks about the two mystery Wii U games coming to switch in 2020. He says, “One of them is a 9/10 for me and the other is a 6/10” implying he has knowledge of these ports. He later says he can’t say much more but that he, “loves what Nintendo does with real time strategy games.”

IGN via Reddit


23 thoughts on “IGN hints Pikmin 3 could be coming to Nintendo Switch”

  1. Woah woah woah. Could certainly be Pikmin, but this headline is misleading. There are several 9/10s. 3D World, for example.

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      1. yes because when Nintendo finishes a game they wait 8 years to make a sequel. A gaming console is 5 years. So 3 years into a new console they have no choice but port games. Now if they worked on games immediately then we be getting two sequels a generation instead of one.

    1. Since Pikmin is one of my favorite Nintendo franchises, I’ll support this by buying it again hoping to lead into Pikmin4. I will also re buy 3D World. A sleeper mario game.
      Now some of these games were designed around the Gamepad. And is not as unique like on Wii u such as Rayman legends and Starfoz zero. But I love 3D Mario better than Odyssey.

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  5. Tropical Freeze debuted February 2012. It is almost 8 years old and Switch got a port because they choice to do nothing after the game was finished. Yoshi Wooly Yarn didnt get ported because they worked on a Sequel immediately. So basically Nintendo doesnt do nothing after finishing a game.

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