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Bethesda unleashes new Doom Eternal trailer

Bethesda has unleashed a new Doom Eternal trailer upon us and by the looks of it the game is shaping up rather nicely. The ultra-violent video game was delayed from late last year and will now be arriving on 20th March, which is the very same day as the ultra-cute Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It should do just fine though. Have a watch of the new trailer below.

3 thoughts on “Bethesda unleashes new Doom Eternal trailer”

  1. This is obviously the PS4, pc, Xbox version of the game.
    We don’t quite know how the switch version will live up. I’ve got the first doom on switch and I’m very happy with it, but this sequel is gona push the boundaries more than the previous game I imagine so I’d say being the sort of game it is you’ll wanna play on the big screen and you’d be better off with a non switch version if you own these other consoles, but in an ideal world I’d prefer it on switch.
    Hurry up Nintendo and make a switch pro.

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