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Japan: Pokémon Sword & Shield has been #1 on Famitsu’s sales charts for a record-breaking 9 consecutive weeks

Ever since Famitsu’s sales charts began in 1995, many games have come and gone. Every now and then, there are games that sell so much, they stay on the charts for long periods of time. For example, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl spent 8 weeks at the #1 spot, a new record at that time. For years, this record has been untouched, although some titles have come close. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate charted at the top spot for 5 consecutive weeks, but it couldn’t stay at #1 long enough to surpass Pokemon Diamond and Pearl’s record. Well, as of today, it has finally happened. Pokemon Sword & Shield has now been #1 on the Famitsu sales charts for 9 consecutive weeks, officially breaking the record.

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    1. Yup. I mean the game isn’t terrible but they could have done a lot better. Nevertheless, the dlc they announced has me interested despite my issues with the game.

  1. Not hard to do considering:

    #1. It’s a Pokemon game.
    #2. It’s on a handheld/home console hybrid which attracts both handheld & home console gamers.
    #3. It’s Japan where portability, more often than not, is king.

    That said, congrats… I guess.

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