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Metro Redux launches for Nintendo Switch on February 28

Nintendo Switch owners will soon be able to experience the world of Metro with Metro Redux, which is set to arrive on February 28. Set in a post-apocalyptic rendition of Moscow, the game revolves around a character named Artyom on a quest to save his besieged home station from all that would threaten it. You can check out the announcement trailer for the upcoming Nintendo Switch release in the embedded video below:

1 thought on “Metro Redux launches for Nintendo Switch on February 28”

  1. These are probably the most high profile average games out there. They’re nothing special yet get a lot of publicity. I’ve only played the first one but i’ve heard the others aren’t much better. I’ll give this one a shot though, if i ever have a surplus of cash to spend it on a game i’ve already played years ago that didn’t mean much of an impression on me lol

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