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Little Town Hero getting a physical release for Nintendo Switch

Game Freak’s mixed Little Town Hero for the Nintendo Switch will be receiving a rather nice physical release, which comes with goodies. The Little Town Hero: Big Idea Edition will come via NiS America and includes the game, an art book, poster, pin set, official soundtrack, and a collector’s box. What more could you ask for? It will be released some time this spring and can be preordered at the NiS store for $49.99.


7 thoughts on “Little Town Hero getting a physical release for Nintendo Switch”

    1. I’m glad I didn’t feel excited for this game just because it was made by GameFreak. When I first saw it it didn’t make me feel anything. I just didn’t care and then I heard it was getting negative reviews in the veins of being a letdown so I shrugged and didn’t even think about it from that point on

    2. So Sword/Shield weren’t the only rush jobs? Wow. GameFreak needs to get their shit together.

      It’s to be expected, though. They’ve been making handheld games for too long. Short development time frames & taking the cheapest path is not gonna fly on home consoles even if this one is a hybrid of home console & handheld gaming Maybe once they get more experience working on home consoles, they’ll get better. Maybe…

  1. The only reason I’d consider buying it is so I can unistall it from my switch and still have a copy somewhere…

  2. GameFreak spreading their efforts thin across this and Pokémon Sword and Shield hurt both games.

    I would trade this, SwSh and Let’s Go games for an innovative completely new Pokemon game similar to how BotW revamped Zelda.

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