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Langrisser I & II demo coming to Nintendo Switch


One of the few announcements at NIS America’s PAX South 2020 panel was that a demo will be coming soon for the upcoming Langrisser I & II on the Nintendo Switch. The company said that the demo will give potential customers the chance to experience both games. In total you will be able to play through six chapters. Langrisser I & II on the Nintendo Switch will include a number of enhancements and updates when it launches on 10th March in North America and the 13th March in Europe.


9 thoughts on “Langrisser I & II demo coming to Nintendo Switch”

  1. After what I’ve heard about NISA recently, it just gives me a reason to continue to ignore buying games that these guys have their grubby little hands on the English “localization” of.

    1. What ha e you heard? Nis are usually a not bad! I think of them as a second rate Atlus, disgaea and labyrinth of refrain are very good games for example

    2. then don’t buy it dude i for one am getting it think i wanna hear japanese language shit when i don’t like hearing it??? they all sound the same it sucks in japanese i wanna hear fucking english so fuck off

      1. Uhm… You do know they are translating it into English with English speaking voice actors, right? So you won’t be hearing Japanese. The problem lies in the fact certain lines will be censored in the English dub.

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