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Leakers state 2D Metroid and traditional Paper Mario coming this year to Nintendo Switch

metroid_prime_trilogy_artwork_samusProminent video game leaker Sabi and Reset Era member Zippo have stated that there’s a new Metroid title and a traditional Paper Mario game heading to Nintendo Switch this year. The Metroid rumour we published back in November from another source. Sabi says that the Metroid game is related to Metroid Fusion and is likely to be a sequel. Zippo says Paper Mario is also coming this year and is a “return to form.” As always this is just a rumour so we shall have to wait and see what comes of it.


45 thoughts on “Leakers state 2D Metroid and traditional Paper Mario coming this year to Nintendo Switch”

      1. ‘Never played a single metroid game’ man your in for a treat when they eventually bring out the prime trilogy (hopefully).

      2. You gotta play the snes one its on switch virtual console I think. The older NES ones are a tougher pill to swallow but the snes one is a great place to start.

      3. Metroid is the next big Nintendo game that will grow like Zelda. Breath of the Wild has entered Mario territory, passed that. It is now in the Mario Kart territory of evergreeness.


      4. Sssssh quick …. follow me into a sidestreet, there are too many eyes and ears here … you CANNOT say something like that out loud here, people dropped for smaller crimes.
        here, have an nintendo online subscription so you can play Super Metroid on Switch.

        Seriously I highly recommend you playing just Super Metroid, it’s pretty much the fundament on which the whole series stands.
        I mean of course the very first Metroid can also be seen as that fundament, but Super Metroid is like the one game, that nailed that concept in a way …. I believe there aren’t many games that can define a genre like Super Metroid did. When you today play Hollow Knight, Guacamelee or Steamworld Dig, then they all try to (and sometimes very successfully manage to) step into Super Metroids footsteps. Axiom Verge even tries to just be a remix of that game. It’s like the Half Life of 2D games and I believe there ain’t a better wa to play it than on the Switch even though I think Switches “Undo”-function ruins pretty much all demanding games.

  1. How about you guys stop giving these assholes attention and start ignoring them? When Nintendo is ready to announce their games, they’ll announce their games. Leakers are ruining everything for everyone. They are a plague on the industry that’s as bad as loot boxes and microtransactions.

    1. And some leaks turn out to be fake news and the person who spread the leaks are laughing at us over it. Face it, tiger? You hit the jackpot and also these news sites have been following the leakers for many years now and make money over it. Time to start using Adblock and kick the ass of the sites who rip you off from clickbait. I mean you should learn better from the Wii U era.

      1. Sabi has some of the highest success rate out of all the so call leakers. I’m pretty sure that they only thing they’ve haven’t gotten right yet was that Rare Replay was coming to switch. What helps is that unlike other leakers, they don’t just try ti make leaks up on the spot when asked about stuff and make it clear when they are just making personal speculations.

    2. I think they should at least not put the leak into the actual Title of article. Especially when it comes from leakers who aren’t wrong all the time.

    3. I agree. Even with the brashness of your post, gumption and integrity is lacking more these days with these leakers. Let’s enjoy our systems and Nintendo Switch games. It has felt like Christmas NES ( from stories ) SNES, N64 etc. with this machine. True gamers no why the Xbox x( dream cast 3 sucks ). Systems should prioritize games before services.


    1. I really hope they’re new games and not remakes. Super Metroid and the first two Paper Mario games are near perfect games even today.

      1. I think you mean a remaster. The first two Paper Mario games have aged very well and don’t need to be remade. But yeah, I’d take a remaster in an instant.

        1. Don’t think an remaster would be that satisfactory for PM64. Those assets are really old and things are designed around N64’s low resolution, and I think things would look rather off and borderland goofy if they just scaled things up IMO. TYD would look nice with a remaster, I agree.

      2. PM64 would look pretty good upscaled as seen via emulators. Most of the assets are simple textures on what are basically 2-dimensional planes. Sure, they could touch it up in some areas like what they’ve done with other remasters but spending more money on a full blown remake isn’t warranted. A brand new game in the style of the first two is what they should spend the majority of the money on.

    1. No it’s not at least for Paper Mario, I mean he’s a obvious pick consider the fact Paper Mario has had 4 year development for each game from sticker star to color splash it’s 2020 so it makes a lot of sense for him to make his debut on switch this year, and a return to his traditional style is most likely since Nintendo has been returning to its old mechanics, and adding some brand new with it we can see this in like all of it’s first party titles

      1. I’m thinking more about the “traditional” part of the rumor. Unless Miyamoto has gotten more chill or has been too distracted with other projects… He’s just not going to let a traditional Paper Mario happen. He’s been on record saying he does not like RPG’s. He likened playing one to the experience of tying together your fingers and untying them one at a time, gradually over time.

        1. Your kinda forgetting the fact that the miyamoto also stated that’s he’s giving the devs, especially the younger devs more freedom, this is the same man who said Mario really doesn’t need a story but allowed Odyssey to have a story , just like Sunshine and Galaxy, not to mention he allowed the Fricken Rabbids to crossover with Mario in a story base driven rpg game

  2. And this here is what we true gamers call a sad excuse of clickbait. These are about as true as Rayman getting into Smash 4.

    1. …… Why? They barely effect anything at all. I know when you go to these forums its easy to get the sense that they’re representative of all gamers, but you need to remember that the people who follow closely enough to even hear about “leaks” is like 1% of the industry.

  3. Okay, that’d be cool.
    But, if it is true, why leak it?
    Would’ve been a nice surprise.
    So tired of these attention-seekers just ruining big announcements. It’s not their game, so it’s not their place to tell people about it. So lame.

  4. I for one would welcome this with open arms. 2D Metroid titles are always solid to outright amazing and Paper Mario could certainly go for a return to form.

  5. It seems that Metroid Prime 4 will not be ready so to shut up the fans, they’ll pull out a quick side scroller game using the same engine from Samus Returns.

    IIRC, the ending of Samus Returns hinted at a sequel. This could be it.

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