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All weapon switching on the fly coming to Devil May 3 on Nintendo Switch

Capcom appears to be putting quite a bit of effort into the Nintendo Switch version of the classic PlayStation 2 game Devil May Cry 3. The company announced today that you’ll be able to switch to every single weapon in your inventory on the fly in Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition on Nintendo Switch. Here’s what was said by Capcom producer Matt Walker:

“I know you’re probably thinking, ‘Wait, Matt, I can already switch between weapons on the fly in Devil May Cry 3,’” Capcom producer Matt Walker said in a video posted on the Devil May Cryseries’ official Twitter account. “You can, but you’ve only ever been able to switch between two ranged weapons and two melee weapons at any given time. And the way it would usually be is, in-between missions or at a Divinity Statue, you would go and you would set those two weapons.”

Walker continued, “Well now, in Free Style Mode in Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition on Nintendo Switch, you’re going to be able to switch between all the weapons that you have in your inventory. And the way that you’re going to do that is by pressing the ZR button for the melee weapons, ZL button for the ranged weapons, and you can cycle through all the weapons. Or if you hold the button in and use the right stick, you’re going to see that there’s a radial menu that pops up… You’ll see that you’ll be able to pick the specific weapon that you want by holding in the ZR button or ZL button as a shift button, and then selecting the specific weapon with the right stick.”


2 thoughts on “All weapon switching on the fly coming to Devil May 3 on Nintendo Switch”

    1. wasn’t it in bayonetta that you also only had two melee and two ranged weapons to switch from?
      Well, two sets, what ever on her arms and whatever on her legs, you could mix and match.
      This sounds like you can switch between all of dante’s weapons.

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