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GameXplain rumour: Platinum Games Kickstarting Wonderful 101 port for Switch and PS4

Platinum Games have been teasing a port of The Wonderful 101 for quite some time now and it appears as though they will be launching a Kickstarter to fund development. GameXplain reports that The Wonderful 101 port will be for both the Nintendo Switch and Sony’s PlayStation 4 system. If so, it means that Platinum Games have bought the IP from Nintendo.

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  1. I’d be willing to give it a chance it never had.
    Platinum always delivers. No idea what this game is about though.

    1. This is one of their games I can’t stand. Way too gimmicky in my opinion (and this is coming from a guy who loves the Star Fox Zero control scheme).

      1. I’ve never ssen the game nor heard anything about it’s gameplay so I can’t really agree or disagree with you unfortunatly but I would look up some gameplay before buying it

    2. Recruiting and controlling be up to 100 heroes who can, by working together, form giant weapons, hands or other giant ‘things’ out of their own bodies.

  2. Hard pass. Aside from owning it on Wii U (and never having played it…. because I’ve just never felt like it), if Nintendo isn’t confident enough in the title to fund a cheap port, I have absolutely no reason to in their place.

    1. TW101 is a Nintendo IP. And it’s next to impossible Nintendo simply “selling it”, although the game was so gimmicky and bland it wouldn’t be a loss at all.

      1. You’re high w101 was fucking incredible. You may not like that game but “bland”? Fuck outta here its one of the better Wiiu gamesm

  3. This game wasn’t gimmiicky FYI. This game is basically PG Bayonetta, in essence. Basically, there were different categories of characters and that determined your attacks (punching, sword, gun, etc). To switch to these, you just made an input command with the right control stick. As the game progressed, you could also input commands to get units passively attacking while you attacked. Like… You could be fighting with the sword and suddenly summon a gun to shoot around you.

    But it’s still basically Bayonetta. You’re doing combos, you roll Dodge, and there’s even a shield/party move that’s similar to witch time.

    It’s also pretty funny imo. Give it a try.

    1. Sorry, this might help explain it better. Instead of moving a single character like Bayonetta, you’re moving a horse of tiny characters who move in unison and fuse together to make weapons.

      Oh, and there’s also a Luka in this too. But yeah… If you wanted to like Bayonetta but was turned off by it’s characters and sexiness… W101 might be the game for you.

  4. Jeez… the majority of people in this section is so blind in their words;; Judging the whole game solely by their meaningless dislikes, it can not be a total masterpiece but it’s undeniably how actually WONDERFUL this game is, it’s not bland or rushed at all, it’s a really well thought game with a passion, amazing characters with personalities to show, great sections and a addictive combo system that gives amazing feels, outstanding presentation and scenes, recognize it and keep showing the game to the next players to come instead of just throw it away without much thought.

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