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Castlevania returns to Netflix on 5th March 2020

The official Netflix Twitter account has confirmed that the long-awaited instalment in the Castlevania animation will be returning next month. You will be able to tune in on Netflix on the 5th of March for the next chapter which contains more mystery and murder than ever before.

12 thoughts on “Castlevania returns to Netflix on 5th March 2020”

  1. Niiice. This show started good and got better. Can’t wait to see where it goes next. One of the cooler takes on Dracula story. Good action, story and voice acting.

  2. Ultra Instinct Grandma Super Saiyan Green Evolution

    Can’t wait. Where would it go? Rondo ? Simon’s story? Or maybe Lament Of Innocence

        1. Oh I didn’t watch the second, having hated the first. I’m both a Christian and a Castlevania fan, so taking the most spectacularly pro-Christian game franchise of all time and twisting the story into “Church bad. oh that poor victim Dracula” was not to my personal subjective tastes.

        2. um okay. Dracula’s backstory in the show is the same as in the games… so you obviously aren’t that much of a Castlevania fan lol.

          You really didn’t like the show because of the anti-church stuff? I imagine you aren’t into a lot of Japanese game franchises then.

          It’s almost as if the Church really did execute innocent people back then and that that was a bad thing.

      1. Honestly, I consider it the best video game adaptation I’ve ever seen. In many ways, I’d argue it even exceeds the writing of the games themselves.

        1. What exactly are you comparing it to in terms of the games’ writing? Because in general, the games didn’t have writing so much as strong theming in the art design and music. The most famous and popular games in the series either had no story dialogue at all, or very very little.

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