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Famitsu: Fire Emblem Cindered Shadows is 8-10 hours and more details


More information has emerged today regarding Fire Emblem: Three Houses downloadable content Cindered Shadows. The DLC is due out on the Nintendo Switch eShop tomorrow as part of the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Season Pass. The DLC is estimated to be a meaty 8-10 hours long and more difficult than the base game. Here’s what we know:

About the DLC:

  • Cindered Shadows is fairly difficult.

  • The developers guess it’ll take about 8-10 hours to clear on Normal; since it’s trickier than the main game, you can’t blast through it as easily.

  • You’ll unlock more and more stuff in the main game as you proceed through CS.

Free updates planned:

  • A free update will let you have tea time with Rhea.

  • Byleth will be able to wear dancer clothes, but not become a dancer themselves.

  • You’ll be able to change costumes from the free day menu, as well as change everyone’s costumes at once.

Other tidbits:

  • Reiterating that no golden route is planned, and they were actively against it since it would become the “right path” in fan’s minds. (Well, one of the interviewees liked the idea, but it really was never planned. Too much like Fates!)

  • Maddening was really hard for them to balance, so they were happy with the release timing of it – letting people dig in once they’d familiarized themselves with the game.

  • They expect Intelligent Systems to put out a full OST at some point.



  1. I’m glad they aren’t including an arbitrary route where everyone comes together to fight some unseen evil, especially when they could easily do it. Creates a much more solemn narrative viewed from a “We could have been friends in another time” angle.

  2. I’m happy they opted not to do a “true” route where everyone has their cake and eats it. It helps the narrative structure of the already existing routes and might deflate those ones narratives, as well as deflate a lot of the themes the other ones achieved.

  3. I wonder how they define 8 to 10 hours. Because HLTB has 3 houses at around 47 hours for one playthrough. It took me around 95 hours, so their 8-10 hours could be 16-20 hours for me.

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