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New Pokemon teased

The Pokemon Company has been teasing a new mythical Pokemon who is due to be unveiled soon. All we have got for now is a blacked out silhouette of what appears to be a monkey themed Pokemon. Now all we have to do is wait for the full unveiling.


  1. INB4 someone says that this Pokemon should have been in SwSh from the start, if that is the case then so should have Poipole, Zeraora and other Pokemon from Ultra versions, should have been in the regular versions.

    1. Don’t think anyone would say that, since they are mythicals after all. Maybe the other Pokémon appearing in the director cut dlc, sure.

  2. Based on Sw/SH’s pokemon design, I’m going to guess its an animal we’ve gotten before, meshed with a really silly gimmick taken to kind of embarrassingly ridiculous extremes.

  3. Pokemon is a soulless husk of what it used to be. It’s basically Nintendo’s Madden or CoD-t he same old shit with a new coat of paint. Like the aforementioned, it’s also progressing towards DLC abuse and subscription model nonsense.

  4. Almost looks like it could be another form after Alakazam but with a tail grown and some other minor changes that could be due to the evolution.

  5. Aint no damn soul and love i these pokemon! Get the ORIGINAL DESIGNERS BACK IN there then we got something.that new thing looks like a all the “cool new ones” lol

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