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Disney wants game developers to ‘reimagine’ its franchises

Disney has a wealth of memorable characters and fantasy themed worlds which would be an ideal fit for video games. Without an internal team, the team at Disney say they are open to licensing out their franchises to the right developers in an effort to reimagine them. The comments were made by Disney’s games VP Sean Shoptaw at the 2020 Dice Summit. Mr. Shoptaw openly invited developers to “come and play” with its extensive catalogue of franchises.

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18 thoughts on “Disney wants game developers to ‘reimagine’ its franchises”

    1. Mr.Krabs with a mustache

      Hey we still got a chance. Also, Nomura has been giving some hints to Sakurai about wanting Sora in smash since the addition of cloud. But it’s up to Nintendo to decide.

      1. Apparently Nintendo did actually reach out but Disney’s Japanese headquarters rejected them, but Smash rumors have been wrong a lot lately so who knows if that’s actually true.

  1. A reimagination could actually be quite drastic. In theory, they could take the world of Frozen (2012) and make a legitimate world in which to explore. I’m thinking Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor levels of reimagination.

    I’d be pretty down if Disney published a game that “Edgar Allan Poe’s” your everyday romantasized Disney property.

  2. Now that they’re done with KH, they’re looking for the next big collaboration in the video game world.

    Maybe it’s because RPGs are not so popular as they were in the early 2000s they’re looking for another game genre to popularise their franchises in the video game industry. Fortnight is hot rn so maybe release a game like it or Splatoon but with Disney characters.

  3. I’m down with this. Provided Disney doesn’t insert itself up the asses of the developers like they did with Epic Mickey 2 & Kingdom Hearts III and drag the shit down from being truly great.

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