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Digital Foundry tackles Metro Redux on Nintendo Switch


Metro Redux has arrived on the Nintendo Switch and the team at Digital Foundry have given the spooky first person shooter a thorough examination to see how the Switch port holds up against the other versions. By all accounts it’s a good port that doesn’t quite hit 1080p when docked. Metro Redux launches on the 28th of February and here’s a summary from Reddit user, oese:

  • Docked resolution seems to be 720p, but uses temporal super resolution, which seeks to achieve clean edges while minimising artefacts

  • Portable resolution also seems to be 720p as well, looks extremely sharp and goes down a few times, with lowest counts being 480p

  • Textures are very comparable to the PS4 release, sound isn’t compromised (features 5.1 surround sound) and input latency is as minimal as 30FPS games can go

  • Performance is excellent, 30 FPS in both modes with exactly 2 missed frames

  • Only real issues are rumble support, which are not nuanced correctly, and the loading times, which are obviously longer than on PS4, loading into a stage does take awhile, but loading upon death is very quick


5 thoughts on “Digital Foundry tackles Metro Redux on Nintendo Switch”

      1. I’d say it was closer to the Xbox One but not by much, so it is indeed more powerful.
        CPU and GPU are packing a lot more power and a better API helps too, but yes, the Nintendo Switch is more powerful than the Wii U which is what surprised many when it first was revealed seeing how it’s a Portable and a Home Console in one.

      2. It’s much closer to the Wii U than than it is to the Xbox One or PS4.

        Memory bandwidth is on-par with the PS3. About 1/7th what is available to the PS4.

        CPU performance is about half the Xbox One and PS4, but much better than the Wii U.

        GPU performance is about 1/10th of the PS4.

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