Sonic Movie could earn $64.3 Million in four days and could surpass Detective Pikachu


The Sonic the Hedgehog movie could potentially be the best-selling video game feature adaptation debut of all-time and could overtake the mighty Detective Pikachu. The Sonic movie has expected to gross $64.3 million during its first four days on sale and if it does so then Detective Pikachu would be knocked to second place. The Pokemon-themed film managed to earn $58 million during its first four days. It is safe to say that the Sonic the Hedgehog movie has performed better than many expected.



  1. The movie was actually pretty alright. We actually had a kid coming up in the movie theater in a Sonic costume. He was apparently the only kid in Norway with the name Sonic. He was interviewed and then they asked him: “Are you fast–YEAH I AM!” XP

      1. I’m 100% not trolling . if you give your kid dumb names base off of fiction characters youre a dumb asshole, who cares more about that fictional character than you did your own child. Fuck people who do this.

  2. This movie is actually really good, it surpassed all my expectations and I actually really liked it a lot! I highly recommend everyone to give it a watch! 😃

  3. As a Sonic fan of 21 years (my first exposure to the character was with Sonic Adventure at a Dreamcast kiosk at a video store in ’99), I walked away from the film satisfied. It’s not gonna win any awards but it accomplished what it set out to do. If you haven’t seen it yet, do it- it’s a good film, and I think the studios deserve to be lauded and rewarded for listening to the critical backlash of the initial design and changing it into something much better when they easily could’ve not cared at all.

  4. I’m always dumbfounded by how many people actually go to movie theaters. I’ve always hated movie theaters. I always wait until a movie releases on DVD and Blu-ray before I watch it. Movie Theater prices alone are crazy from what I understand. Even if I were to go on a date, I wouldn’t want to go to a theater.

    1. That’s understandable, the prices and how annoying some moviegoers can be are a couple of reasons why I don’t go to the movies very often. I’d only go there if it’s a movie I really want to see like Guardians of the Galaxy 1&2, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, or 1917 and I don’t want to wait 3 months for them to come out on Blu-ray.

    2. Have you never been to an empty theater? No kids screaming at the screen, no other people to hinder the quality of the speakers in the room, a massive picture that hogs ALL of your attention, it goes on.

      I know it’s possible to have a home-theater setup that rivals these, but dang

  5. After listening to fans and completely reworking a finished film, they certainly deserve this success!

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