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Catherine: Full Body and XCOM 2 Collection rated for Nintendo Switch



Two potentially new Nintendo Switch titles have been discovered today via the Korean Ratings Board. First up is a Nintendo Switch port of Catherine: Full Body edition which is a remake/enhanced port of the 2011 Catherine game. Second up is a port of the strategic  XCOM 2 which is published by 2K Games. No doubt both games will be officially announced for the Nintendo Switch soon by their publishers.


Thanks to RainmaN for the news tip!

10 thoughts on “Catherine: Full Body and XCOM 2 Collection rated for Nintendo Switch”

  1. }{ XCOM 2’s turn timer was so oppressive I found the game difficult to enjoy… I heard the DLC campaigns are better about it but if they don’t rebalance the main campaign I can’t say I’d recommend the game to anyone… }{

    1. I played the game on normal difficulty and beat the campaign my first time through, with my now ex-girlfriend playing half my team (PS: It’s a great pass the controller back and forth couch coop game). We got our asses handed to us at points, but I was impressed how well clever tactics got me out of even the most seemingly overwhelming threats. There were points that were stressful as fuck though.

      For people who haven’t played it, Xcom 2 (and 1 for that matter) are among the greatest games I’ve ever played period. They are just so… maybe they’re just up my alley. But the fact you can rename the soldiers and make them personal to you, and then you feel it when you lose them. This game can garner emotion, and not from story. From randomly generated events. I would name all my troops after like characters from fiction. My first 4 characters were always named after SG1.

    1. No that’s a massive overstatment. Theres a minor script change regarding a characters negative reaction to another character being transgender. That’s it.

      1. It was a minor change in Catherine: Full Body, true, but sadly they are going one step further with Person 5 Royal by changing more than just a line of dialogue. TheQuartering covered the P5R changes in one of his videos today. Anyway, let these companies get away with censoring something just because it’s minor & you invite them to take a bigger step further in their next game like they are doing now. I might have to reconsider supporting Atlus if this is what their future entails.

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