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Next Grand Prix for Crash Team Racing will be final one


Activision and Beenox have poured lots of love into Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled and it shows. The game has also received plenty of post-launch support in the form of updates and the Grand Prix mode. Sadly Activision has announced that the next Grand Prix will be the final one. However, there will be a new ongoing challenge system and a chance to claim the Grand Prix items that you may have missed out on via the Pit Stop.

It’s absolutely a bittersweet thing for us to announce that the next Grand Prix will be the last, but at the same time we want players to know that the race isn’t over. Through the Grand Prix, we’ve delivered fresh, new content to Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. Our community has raced through the multitude of new tracks and challenges with each season and have amassed an amazing collection of new characters and skins and shown their style in insane new ways by customizing all their karts.



13 thoughts on “Next Grand Prix for Crash Team Racing will be final one”

    1. Really? Well, it’s a shame if you didn’t play the game and the TONS of contents they’ve introduced ever since the first Grand Prix event, month after month, just because of some microtransactions THAT WERE OPTIONAL.

      Actually, I wish the game could get reviewed again now so the critics could appreciate and rate all the new content, characters, tracks and gameplay styles they’ve included. It’s so vast that it’s become a whole new game on its own, more than just a simple remake.

      1. Usually when I have friends over and we don’t want to play Mario Kart, we play CTR from time to time.

        But this isn’t about the content, but the way Acty are trying to avoid backlash from microtransactions. They wait for the good reviews, they have physical mediums on store shelfs that don’t have the in-game purchases warning on them. And one big demographic of this game is children. The one demographic with bad ability to control impulses and think of consequences. It’s a really shady business practices. Increaseing the amount of grind needed after they added microtransactions as well.

        Look, it’s good people are pleased with the amount of content, but not everyone are privileged enough to have so much free time they can grind through what Acty put in place here. That “it’s optinal” doesn’t cut it. People are going to get tempted with little available time, or are children with bad judgement on their side which shouldn’t be exposed for stuff like this.

        Yeah, I would also like that reviewers took another shot at this game. If the amount of content would weight up for the microtransactions, it would great. But I kind of doubt that would entirely be the case.

        1. Yeah, they’re probably also adding a lot of content so it will be harder to get all the things you want, furthering the need for people with little time to pay up. Would be better if the game just gave you a lot of in-game currency as it did at launch.

          1. It’s basically exactly what my short foray with mobile games was like.
            Keep adding shit to overwhelm the player into spending money on all the limited time offers.
            This additional monetization only hurts the natural loop of a game, where the publisher invents the most cumbersome means of unlocking something (in most cases repetition) and then dangles the alternative option in front of your face.
            It’s a shame to because CTR is a great game it’s just unfortunately marred by your modern day ‘options’.

    2. Ah someone said it. Really hate those practices as well. It’s so damn annoying. Too much content to unlock in too little time so you either have to grind 24/7 or pay to get everything. Or in the case of other games like Modern Warfare, you only get 7/100 of the content for free and you gotta buy a battle pass for the rest. Modern Monetization practices really just ruin the game for me, everyone else just puts up with and either gives their money or settles for less. It’s quite sad. I really was curious about CTR, since I loved Crash Nitro Kart as a kid, and I needed a new racing game since Nintendo just gave up on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and stopped updating it even tho they said it would get further updates. So I waited until that first grand prix event came out and I was once again disappointing. I’m not gonna play a game where I have to grind for hours a day to get rewards, simply because I care about my health and sitting and staring at a tv screen for hours isn’t my thing. And I sure as hell am not gonna then buy all of it as an alternative. Microtransactions, Battle Passes, Grinding based events with llimited time. They all ruin games

      1. Someone that gets me! I got a friend who is really bad at impulse buying. We play for example Destiny 2 together, and he always spends some cash for silver (payed currency). It’s for skins so obviously nothing game breaking, but me and the other guys just don’t care about cosmetics, and we usually just ends up having those cosmetics because it’s random drops into our laps. So he have spent a lot more on the game than what we have, and he even doesn’t have something to show for it usually. Those practices preys on the weak. I hate it. Especially when games turns out really grindy for those of us who don’t want to pay.

    3. Another worse example is Dragon Ball FighterZ. Everyone’s hyped for the game, they release it with a pretty crappy roster. Then after people enjoyed it, and reviews came in, they then decide to announce DLC passe for fighters, which was total BS. They expect us to pay $60 for a game with such a terrible roster, and now have 3 DLC Passes for characters that should’ve been in the base roster, that’s already $75 for all 3 passes, more than the game price already. Like hell they’re getting my money so I took the game back to the store and got my money back. I mean, Goku and Vegeta’s super saiyan form are in the roster, but I’ve gotta pay for their base forms as dlc. Yeah, Modern Monetization Practices are utterly ridiculous. I don’t see how the majority of people can just settle and put up with this without complaining, They’re all just supporting this stupid act by not acting against it.

  1. They better cut this shit out of waiting months after release to implement microtransactions & make it harder to unlock things to manipulate people into paying for the microtransactions. Otherwise, they risk people not buying their games AT ALL out of fear the game is gonna get fucked up down the road with microtransactions & updates that force the need for microtransactions. Least when the trash was available in a game on day 1, you already knew what you were getting into when you bought it. Here, you never know when you’re gonna get screwed.

    1. Oh who am I kidding! They’ve been going downhill for years now! Just like dozens of other companies. If a company is not shoving their politics down your throat, they’re trying to screw you with bad business practices instead.

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